produces small and medium-sized pools at its partner sites that amaze you with their versatility. The standard insulated tubs can be equipped with built-in shutter systems, countercurrent devices, mood lighting, Cloud connection, energy optimisation, etc. Each is also guaranteed for life by Explore Industries.



Discover the unique features of Minipool

Color and scratch resistant

Minipool uses a coating from Nuplex Industries® to ensure this.

Short-term installation

Minipool baths are one-piece and can be installed quickly.

Innovative and sustainable

Minipool uses the very latest and most durable pool technology.

Lifetime warranty

With a shell that is 100% wear-resistant, we guarantee pools for life....


La Strada
  • checkLength 5-7m
  • checkWidth 2m80
  • checkDepth 1m50
  • checkEnergy efficient design
La Perla
  • checkLength 2m90
  • checkWidth 2m10
  • checkDepth 1m30
  • checkEnergy efficient design



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Minipool is producent, verdeler en zwembadinstallateur van kleine en middelgrote veelzijdige zwembaden.

Minipool est un fabricant, distributeur et installateur de piscines polyvalentes de petite et moyenne taille.

Minipool ist ein Hersteller, Händler und Installateur von kleinen und mittelgroßen Mehrzweckpools.

Minipool is a manufacturer, distributor and pool installer of small and medium sized versatile pools.

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